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The Business Case for an Integrated Revenue Cycle

When companies move beyond just a sales cycle and get to a complete lead to revenue cycle, they more effectively advance leads through the pipe, increase sales wins, grow customer acquisitions and earn more top line revenues. But getting there isn't easy. Here I share the business case, along with a proven framework, to achieve an integrated revenue cycle.

Why You Need Marketing Automation Software

Marketers increased investments in digital marketing methods are incurring tactical challenges which impact ROI and strategic challenges which impede their ability to deliver the volume and quality of leads needed to achieve revenue objectives. Here I share how marketing automation software is stepping up to help resolve some long standing challenges and dramatically increase marketing's contribution to the revenue cycle.

Why Marketing Automation Software Fails to Deliver

Despite marketing software vendor claims of more qualified leads for the sales team, accelerated pipeline velocity and analytics which link marketing investments to top line revenues, marketing automation software has yet to cross the chasm to mainstream adoption. And while the benefits are espoused by the makers of these applications, the risks are harder to come by. Here are the top 7 reasons why marketing software fails to deliver.

How & Why You Need to Become a Social Enterprise

The rise of social media has created a digital divide whereby most prospects, customers, recruits and employees are social, but most businesses are not. If businesses wish to be included in the social conversations with constituents, and engage their stakeholders for business objectives, they must become social enterprises. Here I identify the business problem, the business solution and specifically how and why to become a social enterprise.

The CMO's Top 3 Objectives

Many Chief Marketing Officers find themselves sucked into marketing activities that the C-suite just doesn't care about. And unlike most other business leaders, CMOs are generally without commonly accepted strategies and routine measures. This may be in part why CMO’s so often don’t have a seat at the executive table and incur such high turnover. So what’s a CMO to do? Here’s the three most important stakeholders and strategies for CMOs to deliver the greatest contribution to the company, and get that seat at the executive table.

The Business Case for Big Data

The exponential rise of data volumes, velocities and varieties has defined the concept of Big Data, and more importantly a new opportunity to better transform data into business intelligence (BI). In this video blog post I share an executive’s approach to making the business case for Big Data, and enabling more people to make better business decisions.

Is there a CX software market?

It's pretty clear that Customer Experience Management (CXM, CEM or CX) is a business strategy with measurable objectives, systemic business processes and supporting analytics; but what's less clear is whether there is an autonomous CX software market sector to support this business strategy. So is there a CX software market? Gartner says no. Forrester says yes. Paul Greenberg says no. Several enterprise software technology vendors say yes. This CX video blog post discards vested interests and looks at CX strategy, enabling technologies, and whether there is a CX software technology market.



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